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The McBeck challenge community
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This challenge community is dedicated to the slash pairing of Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett from the Sci-Fi channel original series Stargate Atlantis.
Anything McKay/Beckett - related is welcome that responds to the prompts.

At this time the community will only accept McKay/Beckett entries, due to us feeling that there has been a short supply in our favourite pairing of late.

Rules of the community:

1.) The community will accept fics, wallpapers, icons, podfics, music vids and graphic novels, etc in reply to challenges. Fanworks that are not overt slash but feature significant interaction between McKay and Beckett will be accepted (friendship, pre-slash).

2.) Teasers for your entry are allowed, but all entries must be rated according to the content and anything r-rated or NC-17 must be behind a cut.

3.) Do not flame or troll. It goes without saying! If we do catch anyone you will be given a warning, and then if we catch you again you will be removed from the community.
Debating is fine, but no personal attacks.

4.) If you post fanfiction (or any other creative work) here, be prepared for the possibility that other members of the community might offer constructive criticism. Please respond to this kindly and with good humour instead of considering it a personal attack.

5.) Remember kind criticism and feedback is always welcome. We are all mcbeck fans, and may disagree, but we are all here to celebrate our favourite pairing.


There will be two mcbeck-a-thons per year in January and July, where members can put forth prompts for stories, wallpaper, icons, etc. they wish others to adopt. The mods will collate the prompts and resend them out to each participant who wants to participate.

Rules for the McBeck-a-thons:

Unless otherwise stated in the prompt all entries must feature Beckett and Mckay. We will allow entries, which start as mckay/omc or beckett/omc as long as it ends with mckay/beckett.
Participants will have around two weeks to send in their prompts, and then 4 months to complete their entry.

The mcbeck-a-thons will close and participants will need to post their entries by the beginning of June (for the January mcbeck-a-thon) and December (for the July mcbeck-a-thon). Dates will be given for each challenge. Participants may request up to two weeks extension.
Entries that are fics will need to be a minimum of 500 words.


There will also be a different prompt given out every two months, in August, October, December, February, April and June. Prompts will be decided by the mods, for those who want more challenges. Participants have up to two months time to submit their entries. Entries can be posted until the last week of the second month, before the next prompts will be handed out. If you need an extension please contact the mods. Entries that are fics will need to be a minimum of 500 words.

Members are allowed to send in suggestions of prompts, which will be considered by the mods.

Tables of Prompts:
These are our tables at the moment.

table - threesomes table - offworld table - emotional table - missing scenes table - kinks

If you have suggestions for more tables and prompts, please submit your ideas here.

Rules for the Tables of Prompts

Claim a table.

Once you claimed a table, you can start posting right away. Since this is a challenge com, make sure to post at least once a month. If you don't, the mods will nudge you.

It's not obligatory to work your way through the prompts in a particular order. Pick the prompts as you please.

You can combine two tables, or one table with other communities' tables or challenges.

We accept fanfiction as well as graphics (wallpapers, icons, vids) in reply to the prompts.

Once you finished your table, please post a note to the mods and you will not only be added to the Hall of fame, but also receive a shiny banner for your journal's info page!

Take a closer look at the rules to find out more about guidelines for your submissions, collaboration with other authors/artists and other tables of prompts and challenges.

Mods of the game are:
sammy38, mice1900 and nickespix.
Please do not hesitate to contact us by mail:
sammy_kay2003 at yahoo dot co dot uk
just_us_mice at yahoo dot com
aello at gmx dot net
layout and graphics by nickespix