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28 February 2009 @ 07:22 am
A Little Night Reading  
Title - A Little Night Reading
Pairing - Carson/Rodney
Rating - R
Characters- Atlantis with veiws of various members of the Atlantis Expedition ending with Carson Beckett & Rodney McKay
Disclaimer - I do not own the rights to Carson or Rodney although the Atlantis AI is a creation of my own.

A/N This story has been written for the challenge prompt Reading at the mcbeckchallenge community.

I would like to thank my beta phenix00 for her help with this story. She has made it better as per usual.

Summary- Atlantis' AI takes a wander around the round the city and notices how much reading goes on. When she finds Rodney and Carson she indulges in a little reading of her own.

Atlantis had an AI. It had been put in place by the Ancients and, in their rush to ascension, she had been forgotten. When the new Lanteans arrived, they didn’t discover her either. She debated letting them know that she was there but decided against it. She preferred to keep an eye on her family from a distance. They were a very different group than her previous occupants. (And she liked them a lot better)

As she thought about her new charges, she realised that they did a lot of reading. She noticed that reading came in many forms. Among them was reading for fun, although she doubted that Colonel Sheppard would ever finish his book. What was it called again? Oh yes. War and Peace. This made her smile as she thought that the Colonel was having a battle of his own as he tried to read it.

Then there was reading reports. This was something that she saw the expedition commander Mr Woolsey did this quite a lot. He would often spend his nights alone doing it. So did Colonel Sheppard. Although she noted that sometimes his reading of reports ended up with him sitting in his office between missions and saving her city, with his 2IC, Major Lorne doing the reading and telling him the important bits. This also happened when the Colonel didn’t fair so well off-world and ended up in the infirmary. She didn’t dwell on that too often. Even Dr McKay would read reports when he had too, but she got a feeling that he really didn’t like doing it at all.

In the labs where Dr’s McKay and Zelenka worked there was reading of equations written on whiteboards. This quite often involved the two men shouting at each other and lots more writing and reading. Also in the labs Dr Mckay would sit at the computer reading the work of the people that worked with him. Atlantis noticed that he didn’t have a high opinion of those who he sometimes referred to as ‘incompetent morons’.

Dr Becket would sit in his lab and read over his notes on the patients he had in the infirmary that day. He would also read the notes on the research he was doing. This was something that often kept him awake in to the small hours of the morning.

Even in his quarters that he often shared with Dr McKay, there was evidence of reading. The two men had journals delivered to them when the Deadalus brought them supplies. Carson’s medical journals were in neat piles. Sometimes the one on the top lay open at something that he felt was relevant or interesting. Dr Mckay’s were strewn here, there and everywhere. Where he left one open it was full of highlighted passages that had words like ‘pretentious drivel’ or ‘moronic rubbish’ beside them. She had also seen complete paragraphs crossed out in red with ‘NO, NO, NO’ in capital letters beside them.

Even Atlantis herself liked to read. But her reading involved reading emotions. Looking at peoples faces to see how they were feeling. She supposed that some would find this wrong. An intrusion of their privacy. Another good reason to keep her existence quiet. She just felt that she was keeping and eye on her new charges.

Two of her favorites were Dr McKay, who she had come to know as Rodney, And Dr Beckett. who she had come to know as Carson. Over time she learnt to read their faces. She knew when Carson had had a bad day because of the way that he looked like he was having to hold his smile in place. Also his eyes lost some of their gleam. Rodney hid his insecurity behind all the snarking that he did. Atlantis had often seen the way that he looked to people such as John and now Carson for affirmation. She also knew that time that, despite what Rodney was saying, he was wrong. She could see it in his eyes and the way that he looked at people.

Her favorite time for reading Rodney and Carson was when there were alone together. As the door closed she saw a different side to the two men. If Carson had had a bad day, then Rodney would look at him with a look that was gentle and kind as he moved towards him. If Rodney had spent too long in the lab and was on the verge of collapsing because he hadn’t eaten, Carson would be there to hand him a powerbar with a reproving look.

However, the time that Atlantis liked them the most was when then made love. There were times that this was done for comfort. There were times that this was done for forgiveness. There had even been times when there love making had been out of the desperation that came with the thought that they might not see a new day dawn. Sometimes it was done purely for the pleasure of sharing each other. Atlantis noted that these times were few and far between.

Atlantis loved these times best of all, and tonight was one of those nights. She watched as Carson leant in to kiss Rodney. The stress of the day seemed to melt away as his lips met Rodney’s. When the kiss was broken she could see Rodney’s eyes. The were dark with desire and yet she could still see a little uncertainty. Even after all this time, it seemed that Rodney still didn’t believe what he had with Carson was real. Carson saw this and gave him his reproving smile, as he ran his hand down his cheek.

With a few whispered words, Carson enfolded him in his arms, cradling Rodney to his chest. In this one act, Rodney’s face relaxed in conformation that this was real and Carson was his.

When Rodney pulled away they began to undress. Carson finished first and then turned to help Rodney. When they were both naked Carson took in Rodney. As he walked around him his face became a study of concentration. As he looked at him, Carson ran his hands down the curve of Rodney’s back and over the curve of his buttocks. Then he walked round Rodney and sighed, his face a picture of contentment.

“So beautiful.” he said, in reverent tones. As he did so, he gave Rodney a gentle smile, the dimples on his cheeks making it light up.

Rodney looked up from beneath his eye lashes. His face showed a shyness and a vulnerability that no-one else saw but Carson. Carson responded by taking him by the hand and leading him to the bed. Gently he laid Rodney down. Rodney looked up at him and smiled, his face a picture of peace and tranquility. With that Carson lay down beside him. As Carson prepared Rodney, Rodney’s face was a picture of ecstasy. When the time came for Carson to enter Rodney, he looked down at him. His expression was an unspoken question. Asking admission for entry. Rodney gave him a little nod of his head and looked at him shyly from under his eyelashes.

As Carson made love to Rodney he kept his eyes open, looking at him as he lay on the bed beneath him, his legs spread wide and his arousal, big and weeping and laying against his stomach. Rodney looked back at him with his lips open, gasping as Carson pleasured him. When Carson found Rodney’s sweet spot Rodney threw his head back deep in to the pillow, eyes closed and face a picture of bliss.

With a few soft words of encouragement from Carson, Rodney came all over his stomach. This in turn led to Carson cumming deep within Rodney, calling out his name. Carson knelt between Rodney’s legs as he slipped out of him. He looked peaceful, as if everything that he wanted and needed was lying there before him. Rodney looked up at Carson with a look of contemplative satisfaction on his face.

After having cleaned up the two men got in to bed. Rodney lay on his side with Carson spooned up behind him. After a few hushed words, Rodney drifted off to sleep. Carson wasn’t long in following him. Atlantis watched them as they slept. It was as if the worries of the world around them faded from there faces.

Letting her consciousness drift away Atlantis could tell from their faces that they were where they needed to be.

“So peaceful.” She mused. “If only they could always be like this.”
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flubber2koolflubber2kool on March 9th, 2009 08:27 am (UTC)
Yeah but they are such nice Woobies. :-) Thank you for your comment and sorry that this thanks has come so late.

Edited at 2009-03-09 08:31 am (UTC)
Tarlan: SGA - McBeck Sundaytarlanx on February 28th, 2009 10:18 am (UTC)
Lovely story - and so sweet :-)
flubber2koolflubber2kool on March 9th, 2009 08:28 am (UTC)
I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for you comment. sorry that this thanks has come so late.

Edited at 2009-03-09 08:30 am (UTC)
Christinchen: SGA: BeckettMcKay Kisschristinchen on February 28th, 2009 10:23 am (UTC)
awww, that was so cute ♥
Loved it^^
flubber2koolflubber2kool on March 9th, 2009 08:29 am (UTC)
I agree. Thanks for your comment and sorry that this thanks had come so late.
tdancinghandstdancinghands on February 28th, 2009 11:03 am (UTC)
Oh, to be the fly on the wall that is Atlantis!

A very sweet and lovely story.
flubber2koolflubber2kool on March 9th, 2009 08:30 am (UTC)
Yeah she is a little nosey in a nice kind of way.

Thanks for the comment and sorry that this thanks has some so late.